A paradigm is essential the typical model of something; in the case of fashion, top hats and tailcoats were a paradigm, the standard model of dress for formal affairs circa 1850.  Daily dress in the early 20th century in the western world was quite different than todays.  Firstly, the wardrobe was much smaller.  One typically had a few quality items and they were rotated throughout the week.  Laundering was not done quite as often as the norms of today and all in all fashion was different.  In fact the T-shirt as we know it did not exist until the late 1800's, as created by the Navy.  The idea of off the rack fit to size actually comes comes from the military uniform.  But that is a history lesson I will leave to those who like to include citations.

The thing is previous to the 1950's we weren't wearing denim ( jeans ) and a t shirt for daily wear.  It wasn't until the streetwear culture of the 1950's did it start to become a norm.  Previously blue jeans were worn as workwear in the field and the factory.  Working class Americans began to assimilate them into their daily wear as they fulfilled a useful and utilitarian purpose.  Once broken in, jeans required less maintenance and could withstand the abuses of everyday life without the need to go into the wash cycle.  A t shirt was truly an undershirt meant to be worn under a dress shirt.  But that all changed with Marlon Brando and James Dean or I should say that all changed because of movies and large scale distribution of information.  These factors believe it or not contributed to cultural phenomenons that we are still embodying to this day.  And it was a good idea, and it still is a good idea.  Jeans and T shirt - easy.  They have moved from the factory floor into the corporate office, and the night about town.  This is the embodiment of a Paradigm Shift.

Enter the next shift; the jumpsuit.  

OK so fashion aside, why Jumpsuits?

It's ridiculously pragmatic.  It has a hereunto unknown flexibility from casual to formal.  And finally it's better.  Better than any clothing combination that you wear.  The reason why beyond the aforementioned is comfort.  The weight of the garment is distributed throughout and no longer is there a waistband gripping you at all times.  For me this was an unintended result of efforts for simplicity and fashion; my absurd call to make a jumpsuit.  After wearing one of my early prototypes on a weeklong trip to Berlin I discovered why this will be the uniform of future generations.  Pardon while I digress, but it's contingent in delivering the point.  I have, strike that had, a favourite pair of jeans.  They aren't particularly flattering - a little wide in the leg for my taste and they are a lighter hue then I prefer.  But that said they are comfortable, Super Soft almost like flannel.  When I got back to Los Angeles after my trip - I put them on to do some post travel relaxing.  Here's the rub - they weren't comfortable anymore because of the pressure around the waist.  And mind you these are loose jeans. 

I know that I am proselytising - but I do drink my own Kool-Aid