OMNI Series 001 in SONY PICTURES remake of SUPERFLY


In December of 2017 I was at engagement whereupon fate would give a very pleasant opportunity to the Christopher Tod collection.  Enter Costume Designer Antoinette Messam.  Antoinette had noticed the jumpsuit I was wearing, upon learning that it was my own clothing line she shared with me that she was in pre-production for SONY's remake of SUPERFLY and that she felt that this would be a great fit the character JUJU ( Kaalan Walker )

We ended up producing multiples of the SERIES 1 Jumpsuit cut in white for SUPERFLY to be used in an elaborate stunt scene in which the jumpsuit was featured.  It was all excellent timing really as I had finally found a quality manufacturer in Los Angeles to manufacture the jumpsuits.

I have to say that one of the great rewards from working on something with all of your effort and tireless dedication is to have others recognise it in ways either small or large.  It's nice to think that somehow the insanity of the creative pursuits can become alive not only in our personal world but beyond.

SO check out the white Jumpsuit in SUPERFLY - yeah, that's a Christopher Tod Series 1