It all started with what seemed to be a simple want; a men's jumpsuit.  Or a coverall, - call it what you will -but the idea was clear: One piece that was easy to throw on.  I purchased inexpensive workwear, high end fashion pieces, military surplus, flight suits - you name it.  And it wasn't as though I was seeking to amass a collection, it's just that with every purchase something was wrong.  Fit and fabric was a constant issue.  Poor quality fabrics, loathsome polyester, or thick cheap cotton blends.  And in a way I could deal with that if it wasn't for the either uncomfortable or unflattering fit.  Most jumpsuits really fail to consider movement and for that matter anatomy in their design.  The unique thing about a jumpsuit is that because it is a single piece, all parts are connected.  This means that putting my luggage into the overhead bin, or just reaching up for that matter lifts the crotch, leading to an uncomfortable moment.  

On all accounts my seemingly simple pursuit for a wearable men's jumpsuit failed.  The idea of a simple uniform was not for purchase.  Enter the idea - if I can't buy one, perhaps I could make one (read have one made).  I knew enough about tailoring and custom clothing from my previous endeavours in the garment industry and from working in film with wardrobe and in photo with stylists.   It seemed a simple enough concept.  Find a tailor/seamstress or pattern maker and take the best from the jumpsuit collection I had now acquired - and that would be it.

Not so fast, not at all actually.  It took about a year to have a stand alone prototype.  It took time to source fabrics and notions, I worked with several pattern makers to find one that was ultimately both up to the challenge and qualified enough to complete it.  And in all I have everyone of them to thank.  It took a lot of fittings and experimentation with cut and fit and fabric to get the combo just right so that in the end I would have jumpsuit that met my "simple" criteria.  Easy to wear, Easy to wash, a Flattering fit, and ridiculously comfortable while maintaining elegance.

In the end we now have that.  Finally. 

I invite you to try one and see for yourself, not only what is next for us in fashion but will likely be a paradigm shift in common dress in the same manner that denim slacks aka "jeans" went from the field and the factory to the streets of America and then beyond.